As the weather warms up this summer many will be taking to local fishing spots to partake in the sport, and Cannock Angling centre has a huge stock of products from Fortis eye wear to help fishermen get that perfect catch no matter how high the sun is.

Glare from the sunshine can be both annoying as it reduces visibility but also damaging to your eyesight. Check out the amazing results below, the first picture is the glare of the day reflecting off the water, and the second is the amazing view through amber tinted AM/PM Fortis sunglasses:

Before   After  

Amber lensed wrapped glasses allow fisherman to see deeper through the water to locate fish under the surface. These sunglasses help eliminate glare, provide over 99% polarising efficiency and maintain a high visual clarity. As our fishing sunglasses provide UV400 protection, wearing Fortis Eyewear sunglasses help to reduce eye strain and enables you to see deeper into the water to locate your quarry.

Fortis Eyewear polarised lenses are made from a material called Tri-Acetate Cellulose or TAC. Polarised TAC lenses have many advantages including high abrasion resistance, in fact one of the highest abrasion/scratch resistance of any optical plastic.

Not only are they super useful, they’re affordable at only £19.99 from Cannock Angling Centre in High Green Court. Plus, they come in a wide variety of styles to suit any face shape, just take a look at the chart below.


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