Arran Page was one of the headliners at the fantastic Fringe Festival at High Green Court Last week. We caught up with the musician to find a little bit more about the singer/songwriter/ self confessed “bliss junkie”

– Arran, thanks so much for performing at Fringe festival, you were awesome! We often see you playing your music around Cannock town centre, but when did you start busking? What motivates you to get up and play every day, and do you think it’s an important part of being a musician?

Thanks very much, it was my pleasure! I started busking around 5 years ago. I had been writing music and performing since the age of 14, and I’ve always wanted music to be my occupation (despite many fruitless jobs), so I decided that I would take it to the streets and make it heard. I’d say my motivation comes from everywhere, in that I find myself regularly inspired. The more I write, the more I know about myself and as an artist there is nothing more valuable. It’s a really beautiful feeling to be able to exhibit your craft, so all I can say is get out there and seek your bliss.


– How vital do you think it is for local music venues to promote/hire local musicians and artists? What more could be done in your opinion?

It is of course of vital importance that we have a system in place that allows musicians to hone their craft. The most important thing to remember, however, is that with the power of social media and technology, ‘people power’ can be monumental, and getting talking to other people is often the simplest yet most powerful thing we can do. But alas, we definitely need more music venues!


– Where can we catch you playing next?

I’ll be performing at A5 LIVE Festival on the 5th August so please feel free to check out the event details on Facebook!

A5 Live is a midlands based family-friendly festival that is taking part over the Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August in Brownhills. It has ran since 2014 and each year it has grown to include musicians, arts stalls, bars, food and activities. There isa free parking and plenty of space for those camping for the weekend! Buy your tickets here! 


– We’ve heard you do some pretty cool covers including the 1975 and even The Fresh Prince Of Bell Air, but how would you describe your own music that you write yourself?

I’ve taken to describing it as Pop-Folk. I try to place an emphasis on my lyrics, but the structure is always fairly simple really! I’ve always liked more organic, resonant sounds but each song is a different creature I suppose!
The link for my music is



Check out Arran’s performance below and be sure to like his Facebook Page here to keep up to date with his new music releases and gigs!