We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate with Anytime Fitness Gym by talking about the amazing progress of one of their star members, Gary, whose tough determination and hard work is really paying off!
He has lost well over 2 stones in 16 weeks and continues to work hard to reach his goal of being healthier in himself! 
Gary has been a member with us for 4 months and has been coming in day in day out, sometimes even 2-3 times a day.
There has been a huge difference in him as you can see. However the change has not just been physical, on his journey towards a healthier lifestyle, Gary has been inspired to help others as well. 
He has just qualified as a Level 3 Pt himself and wants to inspire people to take a step and change their lives for the better.”
It is wonderful to see not just the wonderful steps towards physical well being that Gary has taken but also the way that this has had a positive influence over other aspects of his life as well! 
“Gary has had full support from the staff here at Anytime Fitness and as a club manager Its an honour to have him here.”
If you feel you would benefit from some expert training, support and advice towards a healthier lifestyle, follow Anytime Fitness on facebook, or contact them on 01543 624260