Sirens Cove Tattoo Studio, located at 5, High Green court, has a number of extremely talented tattoo artists; Amy, Gracie, Aqua-Pixie and Tasha. Along with their experienced receptionist Glenn, this studio is a real gem of High Green court. Open since 2015, the studio has gone from strength to strength with many loyal customers and a flawless 5 star out of 5 rating on their facebook page 

What sets this studio apart from many others is their drive and passion for the industry whilst producing artwork for customers that is unrivaled in quality. One particular example of the artists’ passion for their craft is the #sirenscovedrawingchallenge hashtag that they have created on their instagram. Each week the studio posts a theme ranging from greek mythology, Jungle, to cult movies and more!

The artists then draw concepts and ideas according to that theme and post pictures of what they have come up with. This has not only been a fun challenge to help stretch the artists’ imaginations, but the studio also invites members of the public to take part! Check out the caption in one of Amy’s gorgeous posts!


It’s not just for us we’d like to encourage our followers to take past as well” Said Amy. “This helps keep our portfolios at the top of our game coming up with new ideas!”

And Sirens Cove is indeed at the top of its game, as you can see the from the beautiful examples of drawings below. The studio provides vegan-friendly ink, is absolutely professional and impeccably clean, and the fact that they want to encourage the drawing community with this challenge shows the true spirit of encouragement within the studio!

If you have questions check out the FAQ page of the sirens cove website, but don’t be afraid to pop over in person for a consultation.

Why not give the #sirenscovedrawingchallenge a go and join in? Or perhaps you can think of a great theme to suggest to the artists and sow the seeds for a brand new tattoo of your own!

Amy’s piece for Greek Mythology  instagram @amy_autumn_tattoos

Gracie’s piece on the theme of 1920s Instagram @graciegoslingtattoos


Tasha’s piece on Greek Mythology, instagram @legoldensnitch

Aqua pixie’s piece on the theme of Hands  Instagram @aqua_pixie_tattoo